Burned down the Newman ranch main house Oct Followed Phyllis in a stairwell, fighting with her, caused Phyllis to fall; failed to get help Jul Arrested for the murders of Austin Travers and Courtney Stone; charges dropped Apr Brief Character History Sixteen-year-old Sharon Collins and her single, paraplegic mother, Doris, lived in Madison, Wisconsin, after being abandoned by her father. Sharon was somewhat responsible for her mother’s crippling accident when Doris went out looking for Sharon in a snowstorm, though it was never fully explained. Sharon’s best friend in high school was Grace Turner. When Sharon told her high school boyfriend, Frank Barritt, that she was pregnant after he had pressured her to have sex, he wanted nothing to do with her or his child. Sharon and her mother decided to give the baby up for adoption because they felt they were unable to raise her properly. The baby girl was adopted by Alice Johnson and named Cassidy. Alice later abandoned Cassie to pursue a man, and left the child in the care of her elderly mother, Millie. Cassie loved Millie, but it was very difficult for a woman of her age to keep up with a young child, and Cassie had no friends but her dolls.

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He has faint shadows right under his yellow eyes grey in the anime , and his mouth is usually seen in a smile. He wears a northern-style fur hat, which is white and has a spotted pattern along the bottom and the bill. He has short dark hair, a majority of which is obscured by his hat, save for his sideburns and small goatee. He has many tribal-style tattoos on his arms; on both of his hands are letters spelled as D E A T H tattooed in black on each of the back of his fingers.

Originally in the manga , his left thumb was not tattooed, with the letter A missing. He has simpler heart tattoo on his shoulders and his Jolly Roger tattooed on his back.

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This weekend, Premium Motorsports and Derrike Cope welcome a brand-new sponsor to the sport. A select group of former college football, basketball, softball, and track and field athletes from across the country will put their pit crew skills to the test in the second annual NASCAR Drive for Diversity National Pit Crew Combine presented by Goodyear on Friday, May The 17 athletes earned invitations to compete as part of a nationwide talent search. See complete results on the Charlotte final practice speeds page pdf.

The rest of the top All 42 drivers practiced during the session. See complete results on the Charlotte practice 1 speeds page pdf. They all are responsible for monumental contributions to the sport of stock car racing. He’s excited to welcome back ‘Low T Center’ as his primary partner for the longest race of the season. Additionally, the team will welcome country music star Frank Foster as an honorary team member on race day.

Foster, will be performing at the track both Saturday and Sunday promoting his latest album, Good Country Music.

Unusual Facts About the Amish You Need to Know

The religious group is unique in that they tend to shun many modern conveniences. From dating and playing with faceless dolls to their everyday routines and belief system, there are numerous extraordinary facets of Amish life. They can use electricity for emergency situations, work or whatever else they deem necessary. Pinterest However, their reason for largely avoiding the modern convenience of electricity may surprise you. If you have ever seen an Amish man, you probably noticed his long beard but clean-shaven face.

The exception to this, though, is men are required to shave their mustaches.

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In specific, we choose our picks based on how they can enhance your combined consumption of cannabis and entertainment. This week, fellow smokers, another high-octane Mission Impossible blows up on the big screen; Castle Rock, a TV series spawned from the spooked-out mind of Stephen King, hits Hulu; smolderingly funny stand-up Iliza Shlesinger cracks wise on Netflix; and, in new music, Gaika drops Basic Volume, his genre-torching debut LP.

So let’s get straight — but not “straight” to this week’s fresh-rolled recommendations. More accurately, this sixth installment in the globe-spanning super-spy franchise retains the charm of the first five and, as usual, ups the sheer gut-churning, hair-raising epic scope of the on-screen action. Once again, as the apparently indestructible secret agent Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise risks his life, limbs, loins, and other valuables to perform all these superhuman stunts himself for us in the miracle of IMAX 3D.

So let’s smoke in Tom’s honor and try not to freak out at just how insane it all looks. Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic Cast: Now TTG is all blown up to big screen proportions, so adjust your potency of pre-screening consumption in a similar manner. Sam Shaw, Dustin Thomason Cast: Hulu If you’ve ever stoked your paranoia particularly when pot-induced with stories by fright-meister Stephen King, you’ve likely spent some spooky time in the Maine community known as Castle Rock.

This weekend, Hulu’s busting out an entire series simply called Castle Rock that’s set in the terror-filled town where Cujo, The Dead Zone, parts of IT, and other King classics take place. The show is a top-secret anthology with an A-list cast that includes Sissy Spacek, who famously put King on the movie map when she starred in Carrie So cozy up, roll up, and get ready to smoke yourself scared.

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Bebe Cool was on Friday appearing on Spark TV during the Koona program with Miles Rwamiti, he talked about a number of issues affecting the industry currently including his bitter exchange with Eddy Kenzo.. Read More Posted by: To my social media family, Thank you.. The Katono star called some two females to join him execute the theme song, unfortunately, the search landed on teens something that did not go down with a section of fans, he was bashed Inset is the couple holding their marriage certificate at the Registrars office

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The full Black List: Every year, Franklin Leonard, a midlevel Hollywood executive, surveys his colleagues in the industry for their suggestions on the best scripts they’ve read and compiles the results into this dossier. This year, some executives responded, and below are their results. Many of these scripts are already in the hands of studios or indie financiers. Some are still waiting to be discovered. Regardless, the writers who land on this list hope the citation will give their careers a big boost.

Read on to see what Hollywood is reading.

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Lorena Sharpe Barrington Dr. The character was originated in by actress Patsy Rahn, but has been portrayed by actress Leslie Charleson since She is a member of the wealthy Quartermaine family. Her various affairs and quarrels with her husband Alan were major stories on the show throughout the s and s. In her time on the show, Monica has battled breast cancer, dealt with the loss of three children, her son Jason Morgan ‘s amnesia and decision to become a mob enforcer, and various other conflicts.

She is the owner of the Quartermaine mansion, which she often reminds her family of when they begin quarreling, which is an often occurrence in the Quartermaine quarters.

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Luffy also has a scar with two stitches underneath his left eye which he earned by stabbing a knife under his eye to show Shanks that he was tough and not afraid of pain [36] and short, messy black hair. He was severely wounded by Akainu in the Battle of Marineford , [37] leaving a large X-shaped scar on his chest. He is quite short since he appears dwarfed by most individuals in the series though it must be noted that characters in One Piece are often very tall by real-life standards.

Before the Timeskip Similar to most of his male crewmates, Luffy has the same outfit throughout most of the series, as opposed to the rest of the crew especially Nami and Nico Robin , who change frequently. Luffy may wear a different outfit to suit the climate of an island like a hooded parka on Drum Island [39] or desert robes in Alabasta [40] but will switch back to his trademark red vest and blue shorts after the adventures on that island are over.

Despite this, he will wear his usual outfit in different colors and has been known to sport other miscellaneous items on his person from time to time like in Thriller Bark and Sabaody Archipelago. According to Eiichiro Oda , Luffy does not know how to dress stylishly so sometimes he is advised on how to dress by more fashionable team members such as Sanji or Usopp.

During the Drum Island Arc , he wore two parkas, the first being a dark red parka with fur on the cuffs, hood, and hem, [39] and then a checkered, hooded parka with the colors white, orange and bright yellow, which Nami wore in the beginning. In the anime, he wore the same blue vest, but with dark blue shorts. From the Alabasta Arc onward, he has gotten a string strap for it, which was sewn on by Nami, allowing the hat to hang from his neck during fights.

During his return to Marineford to give a silent prayer, Luffy was briefly shown with four characters written on his right arm spelling 3D2Y, [53] with the 3D crossed out to symbolize that the Straw Hat Pirates should meet up in 2 years 2Y rather than the 3 days 3D as planned after fleeing from Bartholomew Kuma.

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Edit Noah is in love with Rebecca, though he works hard at denying it. His nickname for her is “R. He ends up kissing her as an “experiment,” to see if that will cure her hiccups, but later gets the hiccups himself, implying that he lied about not having more feelings for the kiss. This is the episode where Noah and Rebecca share their first kiss.

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When she isn’t expecting, Tara feels empty and broods for a pregnancy. Tara had given birth to the boys at just 29 weeks by caesarean section after they developed Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome, where the placenta is shared unequally by the babies. Tara had given birth to Jack and Noah at just 29 weeks by caesarean section after they developed Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome, where the placenta is shared unequally by the babies Feeling good: In the past two years, Tara has handed over three children to two couples, and has no plans to stop having babies for other people ‘Surrogacy seemed like the perfect solution,’ said Tara.

Within a few weeks she had met a gay couple that were desperate for help having a child. Tara, who was adopted as a child, had previously considered surrogacy to give parents like hers the opportunity to have a family and says she loves the ‘thrill’ of being pregnant At her best: Tara’s says she feels at her best physically when she’s pregnant and takes vitamins, swims, does yoga and eats healthily Tara, who is also mum to Rebecca, 14, and Harrison, 12, donated her own egg to the couple and artificially inseminated herself at her home in Wimblington, Cambridgeshire, using a plastic pipette.

Tara says she hadn’t made as much effort with her own pregnancies but the responsibility was bigger with someone else’s child. Plus, she loves having a bump and people cooing over the precious little gift inside Within days of giving birth, Tara was missing being pregnant. Tara’s husband was more concerned about whether she’d be able to hand over the baby at the end but he was behind her per cent and they began scouring the internet for surrogacy options Again Tara logged onto Facebook and met a couple who were unable to carry children full term.

On January 4 this year, she gave birth to twin boys for the couple, but she has no plans to stop yet.

Four-year-old girl fulfils her late mother’s dying wish as she’s photographed in her wedding dress

Her disappearance puzzled investigators and an aggressive search for her was conducted in the area surrounding her home. Shortly after her disappearance, her car was discovered a little over a mile from her home at a nearby apartment complex. No evidence was ever made known with regards to her, such as finger prints, DNA or cellphone location information from nearby towers.

Captured footage from a nearby security camera showed an unidentified person parking Kesse’s car before walking away. The case received widespread state and national press attention at the time of her disappearance.

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Apparently, she had a “no boy zone” around her, and he didn’t want to approach her himself. Aria accepts the date, even though she is distracted by her home situation and Ezra being missing, because Hanna reminds Aria how she used to have a crush on Noel. They have an awkward date, but eventually warm up to each other. During the date, he opens the door for Lucas. In a flashback, we see Alison teasin Aria about her long-standing crush on Noel. Noel is seen hanging out with his sunbathing girlfriend, Prudence.

The two are later seen heading towards the Kissing Rock. Noel assumes that Aria’s moping is because she is not over a supposed boy that she had been seriously dating in Iceland. Hanna had planted this idea in his head after coming to the very conclusion. Aria doesn’t correct him, as she feels the part about their relationship having no future is close enough to the truth about Ezra.

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